Alex Rhodes

Composer | Arranger | Editor

Alex Rhodes is, first and foremost, a devoted composer for films and videogames. Alex specializes in a modern film score style, merging numerous genres together to create a multitude of different emotions and ideas for contemporary films and videogames. He draws inspiration from the revolutionary videogame scoring styles of Hans Zimmer and Jack Wall. He strives to incorporate his unique style in every piece he writes, always melding worlds of traditional, current, and experimental styles together.

After being introduced at an extremely early age to the world of music, he began composing at the age of 13. He has now written over 200 pieces, varying from every conceivable style of film music and modern classical repertoire. His most esteemed solo works include the public album releases of Elements (2014), Stars to Everywhere (2015), Memories of the Waking World (2016) and his most recent release, Horizons: The Discovery (2018). With the additional album releases and commissioned pieces, his entire compositional journey thus far has become staggering. In addition, Alex has also featured numerous compositions in performances and orchestral debuts, including “Genesis” by the Fossil Ridge Symphony Orchestra and “I Will Return” performed by the University of Arizona Cello Studio. Most recently, the cello quartet piece "Ashes of Rome" was premiered during the University of Arizona Cello Congress in 2017.

In addition to personal publications and commissioned work, Alex Rhodes has also written for several films and projects. Starting in early 2015, Alex began working on scoring for a web series entitled The Laser Games. Later that same year, he completed scores for another web series (Logan Hub) and composed for his first film, an award- winning student film Cabin. Since then, Alex has composed for numerous other short films including White Room (released Fall 2016), Unto Others (released Spring 2017), Space Marines (released Fall 2017), Epiphany (released Winter 2017), Thief (released Spring 2018), James (released Spring 2018), Two Flags Outside the Capital (released Spring 2019), and Reclusion (released Spring 2019).